Solar Panels and You

Solar energy is the future

We know that eventually other energy resources will become scarce, but the sun will keep shining for millions of years to come. Because of where they get their energy, electric companies will only charge more in the future. As the costs for fossil fuels rise, so will your energy bill. 

You can harness the energy of the sun to power your home, and reap a ton of extra benefits too.

Lower Your Electric Bill

With the right amount of solar panels on your home, it’s possible to completely wipe away your electric bill, or at least save thousands of dollars a year. No longer will you be paying hundreds of dollars each month to light and heat your home, but get all of your energy for free from the sun.

That’s money saved that can go towards your retirement, your children, improving your home, or just some extra cash to spend on yourself.

Extra Investment on your Home

As solar panels grow in popularity, it becomes a highly demanded feature on homes. Recent studies even show each installed kilowatt adds $5,911 to a home’s value.

So if you’re planning on moving in the future, solar panels could be an investment that not only saves you money monthly, but get you even more when you sell your home.

Helping Out the Planet

We only have one Earth to live on, so each person needs to do their part. Solar energy is a great solution for people looking to live a more green life.

Most electric companies rely on fossil fuels to produce power, but by utilizing solar, you cut off your dependence of non-renewable resources, help keep our planet clean and reduce pollution. That means having an Earth that future generations can enjoy.

Why Work with Love Light Solar?

Locally owned and operated

Love Light Solar is local to the Treasure Valley and works exclusively in the northwest.  We live here, and we love it.  We hire locally and are proud of all our workers and contractors.

We believe in quality

A quality installation will generate clean energy and bill savings for years to come.  We are here to help ensure that your system does just that.  All work is completed by licensed and insured contractors and employees who know quality is our first priority. 

We use the most advanced modeling software in the industry to create your estimates

Not all designs and proposals are created equal.  Your system proposal was carefully modeled by our licensed engineering team, which conducts the most accurate performance simulations in the in industry.  The performance numbers we offer are what you can actually expect to get from your solar system.

Saving you money through energy efficiency

A more energy efficient home reduces the need for a larger solar system.  We look at each home independently with a home energy audit, then correct the top four areas that squander energy: 

  • Seal air leaks throughout home and attic,
  • Check and re-seal ducting,
  • Check air flow in attic and install solar attic fan,
  • Increase insulation to an R-49 level.

By reducing energy consumption and installing a smaller system we come in at a better bottom line price than our competition. 

Want to Learn More?

Check out our blog for tons of information about how solar energy can impact both the world and you, or look at some of the work we’ve done for other families just like yours.