Our Trusted Sub-Contractors

An energy independent home requires more than just solar panels. You need to make your home energy efficient!

Saving you money through energy efficiency

A more energy efficient home reduces the need for a larger solar system.  With our trusted partners, we look at each home independently with a home energy audit, then correct the top four areas that squander energy:

  • Seal air leaks throughout home and attic
  • Check and re-seal ducting
  • Check air flow in attic and install solar attic fan
  • Increase insulation to an R-49 level

By reducing energy consumption and installing a smaller system we come in at a

better bottom line price than our competition. 


4 Seasons Insulation—Home Energy Audit and Energy Efficiency Partner

We believe strongly in making the environment clean and our energy resources efficient. Our mission is to help you find ways to use the energy resources in your home more effectively to reduce cost and improve  overall comfort in your home.

No matter what the season, you want your home to be comfortable, safe, low maintenance and energy efficient. The majority of homes we visit are losing hundreds of dollars a year by not having an efficient Air and Thermal Barrier surrounding the home. With your Local Utility and State Rebates NOW is the time to weatherize your home. 

Our 100% Satisfaction Guarantee is simple: If any portion of our insulation is not to your total upmost satisfaction, then we will redo that designated.


Go Green Insulation—Energy Efficiency Partner






Go Green Insulation is a locally owned family business serving Idaho and Oregon. We offer top quality professional service and we are dedicated to eco-friendly building while maximizing energy savings and increasing comfort. We provide our professional services to residential, commercial, agricultural, mining, state and federal customers. We specialize in spray foam insulation services for new construction, existing structures, cold storage, metal buildings, pole barns, additions, remodeling and weatherization.