How to Lower Your Energy Bills in Boise

How to Lower Your Energy Bills in Boise

The cost of living in Boise can be expensive, but one of the best ways to make a difference is by reducing the amount of money spent on your energy bills. Although there are a number of ways to do that, this list provides some of the best and most realistic options to reduce energy waste for homeowners in Boise.

Replace Old Appliances

Old appliances have the ability to use a lot of unnecessary energy and cause homeowners to spend unnecessary funds.  Replacing old appliances such as the refrigerator, freezer, washer, dryer, and even furnace and air conditioner can help! These replacements are big investments, and although you may not see the savings immediately, the amount of money and energy they save over time will be worthwhile.

Upgrade the Insulation

When a home is not properly insulated the energy bill for the home suffers in both summer and winter months.  During the summer, proper insulation keeps the cool air in, reducing the amount of time that the air conditioner has to run.  In the winter months, proper insulation does the opposite and keeps the cool air out, reducing the amount of time the heat has to run.  Investing in foam insulation or insulating areas of your home that may not already be insulated can help drastically. Although it is a big project, homeowners who invest in proper insulation are able to see results in their utility bills immediately.

Clean Attic Vents

The attic isn’t just a place for lost toys and bad wardrobe choices, it is also a place where money is wasted due to air leaks.  Most attics have air vents that, when used properly, help to cool the home in the summer by letting hot and humid air out of the attic. However, because many homeowners never venture into their attics, these air vents often go uncleaned.  When air vents in attics are not cleaned, it prevents air from escaping through them during the summer months causing the house to warm up, more energy to be used, and the cooling bill to rise. If you aren’t sure how to clean your attic vents yourself, there are plenty of roofing and maintenance companies that will do the job for you!

Properly Seal Windows and Ducts

Maintaining seals on windows and ductwork is a great way to save money on your energy bills in Boise.  Window seals prevent drafts from getting in during the winter and cold air escaping during the summer. It is best to check your window seals before the beginning of each season and repair caulking accordingly.  However, the ductwork in your home needs to be properly sealed as well. This helps your cool and warm air to be routed correctly from one place to another, reducing the amount of air that escapes and causes your bill to skyrocket.  To check your ductwork call a heating or air professional.

Get a Home Energy Audit

If all of these ideas for creating a more energy and cost efficient home sound foreign to you and you have no idea where to begin, that’s okay. To determine the leading causes of wasted energy and high electricity bills an energy audit can be performed on any home.  During the process of an energy audit, a trusted professional will enter your home to evaluate the leading causes of high energy bills and energy loss and determine which of them applies to you.

They will also be able to provide you with an analysis of how much the energy repairs will cost you and the amount of money they could potentially save you over time.  For new homeowners or those who live in an older home, an energy audit is very worthwhile and will provide a plan for saving money and energy!

By lowering your energy bill, and combining it with solar panels, instead of paying hundreds of dollars a month, you could pay next to nothing. Check out what we did for another family and how much money they are now saving. (Spoiler alert, they are paying about 8 dollars a month on electricity)

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